Nursing Home Rescue

If you or a family member are now living in a nursing home or assisted living community – and you’re wondering if it’s possible to return home – we can help you evaluate your options.

Nursing Homes are skilled nursing facilities that provide medical assistance to an individual. Many times a person is placed in a nursing home when a more appropriate solution is available, including aging at home.

Many of the services offered in Assisted Living facilities could be provided in your own home where you could still enjoy a better quality of life in familiar surroundings with access to family, friends and social interests.

We will assist in determining the best place for you to live. This decision making process includes a complete evaluation of the supports and services that are needed in a safe, appropriate and comfortable home environment.

Transferring from any facility to a private residence involves the same process – in reverse – that was used to place a patient there. That means that all the considerations – medical, physical, mental, financial, legal, prognosis and available community supports and services – must be re-evaluated.

HV Aging at Home will work with you and your family prior to a home transfer to plan for contingencies and address several areas, such as:

• Review current Care Plans and advocate for potential Nursing Home Discharge Planning
• Choose a community Long Term Care Management Company
• Review Managed Care Assessments and advocate for home supports and services including personal/care aides, assistive devices, adaptive equipment, and private agency or contract services
• Care Plan Development implementation and follow up to insure care delivery
• Service coordination, monitoring and review for ongoing physical and psychological needs
• Insure adaptive equipment arrival and integration
• Facilitate transition back to a community setting and assist with re-establishment of social, spiritual and emotional relationships
• Advocate for Care Plan adjustments or supplements
• Contest or appeal denial of services or supports
• Visitation with personal and care aides
• Facilitating and coordinating maximum family involvement in all aspects of evaluation, decisions, implementation
• Monitoring and follow-up of service providers, including Agency licensing, scheduling of aides and service delivery review

Each situation is unique and this process requires a high level of coordination to make sure that all bases are covered. Of course, your safety and comfort are always paramount.