When you maintain a lively interest in life — and have pleasurable things to look forward to — your quality of life improves.

As you age, it’s imperative to keep engaging in activities that give you joy and personal satisfaction – either as a spectator or an active participant. Intellectual abilities are often overlooked, but mental stimulation is just as important as physical activity and social interaction.

Your own passions and pleasures will often be linked to your prior interests and hobbies, your career history or to current (or past) community involvement, but you could try something new – and perhaps a bit challenging too.

You might want to serve on a community board of directors, volunteer to help out a few hours a week at a local non-profit organization or join a club. Social or solitary, large group or small, indoors or outdoors, near or far – the choices are many, and we can help you find a good fit for your interests and abilities.

HV Aging at Home can assist in obtaining appropriate transportation, chaperones and even arranging actual events if needed.