Where We Do It

Bottom line, we work with you and your caregivers wherever you need assistance. Every situation is unique but our focus always remains the same: to maintain your highest quality of life.

Though our primary focus is on helping people age comfortably and safely at home – usually the least restrictive and familiar environment – we also work with you and your family to ensure proper care and support wherever you are living. While having a medical, mental or physical disability may be an impediment, you still have options. As your advocate, we’ll help you to evaluate and overcome obstacles – at home, in a skilled nursing or assisted living facility, in hospital or hospice.

In the Home

• Evaluate your home for safety, accessibility and sustainability
• Coordinate managed care, insurance plans and benefit packages
• Communicate with family members about the challenges and benefits in remaining at home
• Assist distant family members who wish to be active participants in care, decision making and monitoring
• Assist you, your Health Care Proxies and family in oversight of Care Plan with your medical providers
• Arrange for transportation to medical appointments
• Evaluate payment options for necessary services


• Advocate during Intake and Discharge Planning to facilitate appropriate care and placement
• Personal visits to review patient abilities
• Assist in Managed Care assessment to ensure Care Plan is implemented
• Monitor transition to home from higher level care residences to provide the least restrictive and socially appropriate living environment

Skilled Nursing Facility and Assisted Living Community

• Participate during intake to evaluate and advocate for supports and services based upon ability, not diagnosis
• Care Plan Development oversight
• Assist in Managed Care assessments and advocate to fully address medical, social, spiritual and emotional needs
• Attend Care Plan meetings
• Monitor Care Plan follow-up and evaluate adjustments or supplements to planning
• Transfer planning between hospitals and rehabilitation
• Site visits to evaluate living environment and ensure that appropriate care is properly delivered


• Provide oversight and support during discussions with you, your family and Health Care Proxies to address life ending decisions and care choices at home, nursing home or assisted living facility
• Assist you, your family and Health Care Proxies (both local and distant) in coordinating services and keeping the focus on you while continuing spiritual, social and active living to the greatest degree possible
• Bucket list fulfillment
• Assist your family in post end of life transition logistics