Assets & Cost Evaluation

Every situation is unique but our focus always remains the same: to maintain your highest quality of life.

If you’ve reached your elder years, you and your family may have already established estate plans and other legal documents to define and protect how your assets will be managed. These agreements include Trusts, Powers of Attorney, guardianships and other legal relationships.

If you and your family or caregivers have not already done so, HV Aging at Home recommends that you obtain professional advice from a qualified legal or financial advisor as soon as possible.

Often times it is necessary to evaluate care plans relative to costs and available resources. This is critical to making sure necessary care and services go uninterrupted while fulfilling the purpose of the planning.

We  work with your trusted attorney or advisors to coordinate provision of services, and help you evaluate your current and future needs relative to assets and planning, including:

• Review available benefit plans and insurances
• Analyze insurances and determine which services may be insured and appropriately paid without utilizing client resources
• Identify what non-insured supports or services are necessary and explore possible alternatives
• Dispute and Appeal of Explanation of Benefits Insurance/Managed Care Denials
• Forensic Bookkeeping

Our goal is to make sure that you and your family members receive the maximum benefit – and that you maintain a high quality of life at home for as long as possible.