Family Services

We stay in close contact with you – as well as your family and caregivers – so everyone is informed and involved.

HV Aging at Home assists families – both near and remote – in being coordinated and informed about the status of their family member.

One of the first things we’ll do is conduct a review of your physical home environment and daily needs, as well as assess what benefits may be available to you and your family or caregivers.

For family caregivers that live nearby and are involved in your daily life, we’ll help ensure that you and your family are receiving the supports and services you deserve and need, including the respite necessary for your caregivers to be healthy.

If your family members don’t live nearby, we will communicate with them on a regular basis so they stay informed about your current needs and conditions.

For all family members, whether near or far, we maintain oversight of the contracted service providers and helpers who visit your home on a regular basis and offer suggestions and information about technology for remote home monitoring.