Medicaid Applications

Most people being confronted with medicaid’s submission requirements and application process find it time consuming, frustrating and incredibly confusing.

Medicaid is a program for New Yorkers who can´t afford to pay for medical care. You may be covered by Medicaid if you have high medical bills, receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or meet certain other financial requirements.

When the need arises to apply for Medicaid, you’re going to be bombarded with demands for financial, health and insurance documents. Many of these documents will be within easy reach, but many will not. Locating all the required documentation can be time consuming, and then what?

Medicaid ImageHV Aging at Home assists in obtaining and assembling documentation using a systematic process — then preparing the application consistent with Medicaid rules for timely filing. We work with your legal and financial professionals to implement elder planning, spend-down calculations and financial qualifications to help you receive the maximum benefits possible.

Below are some of the numerous details required in the application process:
• Relevant family information
• Bank/Financial Statements
• Real Estate assets and homeowner/rental information
• Income Sources (Such as Social Security, pensions, 401K, IRA’s, annuities, Life and/or Long-Term Care insurance)
• Family financial contributions
• Documentation from government agencies such as the Veterans Administration (DD-214); County Clerks (land, marriage and death records); and the taxing authorities (IRS, NYS Department of Taxation and Finance as well as local municipalities).
• Burial options and qualifying pre-paid expenses

Our goal is to make sure that you and your family members receive the maximum benefits* – and that you maintain the highest possible quality of life at home for as long as possible.